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Sonik Dishwash

Our company has brought forth a premium quality dish wash bar named Sonik Dishwash. This This dishwash contains a composition that help deliver unblemished and stain-free utensils. Now, you can get rid of both the stickiness and bad smell of the oil with Sonik Dishwash. This dish wash bar leaves a unique aroma in the utensils. An ample quantity of bio oxygen present in the product offers high-quality results after each wash. Moreover, this dish wash bar has great longevity as it comes in a bowl, so there is no chance of it getting dissolved in water or melting away like other dish wash bars. So, this also means that it is a cost-effective product. Our customers have witnessed the miraculous transformation after washing their utensils and kitchen accessories with Sonik Dishwash. It also keeps your hands soft. This product undoubtedly makes us one of the best dishwash bar manufacturer in Jharkhand..

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