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Our Story Inspires Others

We warmly welcome you to our website. Our firm named Hindusthan Soap & South East Chemicals is a leading soap and detergent manufacturer in Jharkhand. We have spread our hands of cleanliness to West Bengal, and parts of Orissa. For few decades, we are in the homes of many and have been serving them without fail. The year was 1949, a great man named Late Shibu Ranjan Khan, introduced Bottle Brand Bati Soap, and his noble intention was to help the villagers of Chakulia enhance their financial stability. Towards the beginning, he made soaps on his own but later on, he thought of making cost-effective soaps more in number and helping the poor villagers earn their livelihood by providing them a source of income. Thus, many villagers came forward and started manufacturing Bottle and Bati Soap. Mr. Khan started stimulating them to make soaps and kept on injecting certain skills into them. Thus, he got success in manufacturing cost-effective and pocket-friendly soaps with the help of trained laborers, which gave a good start to this enterprise.

The company got establishment commercially in the year 1957, and our leader Mr. Khan developed the firm in 1980. The entrepreneur started producing toilet soap, phenyl, and glycerol soap also from 1990 and the year 1992 observed the start-up of another segment of our company with a new name, South East Chemicals which eventually became one of the most renowned detergent powder manufacturers in Jharkhand. Our two-tire company commenced.

The man, Late Shibu Ranjan Khan, always deviated from what other entrepreneurs thought. He founded an English medium school named Ramkrishna Vivekananda International English High School in the year 2000. We sponsor Manoharlal Uchcha Vidyalaya, and we also have founded a college in2010 named Shibu Ranjan Khan Memorial Degree College. Jesan Hitech Farmfood Pvt. Limited. is the name of our agricultural section. Since 2007 we have started processing cashew nuts also. Our aim is to launch more effective and usable products in the upcoming days.

Our step by step growth



Hindusthan Soap Factory was founded, and our founder Sri Shibu Ranjan Khan introduced Bottle brand Bati soap because he wanted to enhance the financial stability of the residents of Chakulia village



Bottle brand Bati soap got established in the commercial world



South East Chemicals was established as a detergent manufacturer in Bihar (Now Jharkhand)



We started manufacturing our most wanted product, Super Power detergent



We started processing cashews under Labashi Agro Minerals and Sufactants Pvt. Ltd



We came up with a new product named Super power Dishwash Bar, now Sonik Dishwash Bar



We launched 2kg Super Power and Polok Detergent

Mission and Vision

We aspire to achieve the topmost position in our field and become the most promising detergent powder dealer and supplier in Kolkata by delivering the best quality products to our customers. We are highly inspired by the profound ideas of our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, and we always keep his Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in mind. We try to motivate our countrymen to keep our environment clean and also to maintain cleanliness within them. His awareness mission starts from a simple process of wearing clean and fresh attires daily by using our wide range of detergent powders and soaps.

Quality Policy

Our hard work and quality product have made us one of the best detergent manufacturers in Jharkhand. We never compromise when it is about the quality of the product. All our products are the best in quality, and it reflects in our growth journey. We offer superior standard products to all our customers, and the entire manufacturing process is closely monitored by our dynamic team. We believe in using supreme quality resources that are blended together to bring out the best possible outcome from each product.

Safety Policy

We have reached the pinnacle of excellence in the case of safety measures. All our products consist of safe ingredients and offer the best and secure outcome. There is nothing to be worried about as all the products are verified and examined accurately before going to the customers. We do not deal with hazardous resources that can harm our customers in any way. We take great care to ensure all our products are of first-class quality.


Our Expertise

We have never compromised the standard and quality of our products and it has helped us reach the pinnacle of success; and we are one of the best detergent powder distributors in West Bengal. Our production team for soap consists of five skilled individuals, and all the official work is taken care of by our four experts. In the detergent powder segment, we have a team of seven experts, and the official work is managed by five people. Our agricultural department is well-equipped with seven experienced experts and an employee in the office. Apart from these, there are several individuals whose contribution towards the company’s success is enormous. Our crew members are the faces behind all the success that we have achieved as a team.

Code of Relationship

Our group is a real boon and all our staff members maintain a cordial relationship not just with each other among the team but also with the consumers or users of our products. Our reputation has helped us establish a strong bond with our large base of clients.

In addition, we strive hard to keep up our reputation as one of the best detergent powder manufacturers in Jharkhand through hard work and uprightness. It reflects in our wide array of products. Only natural ingredients are used for satisfying our customers thoroughly.

detergent powder manufacturers