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Established in



By Late Shibu Ranjan Khan to enhance the financial stability of Chakulia villagers.




Skilled & experienced labourers are working to provide the best-quality detergent powder.

Manufacturing Facilities


Our factory is equipped with all the latest technologies and advanced machinery.



3 states

Currently, we have a presence in West Bengal, Jharkand & Orissa.

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services since 1949

South East Chemicals is a leading Soap and Detergent manufacturer

We warmly welcome you to our website. Our firm named Hindusthan Soap & South East Chemicals is a leading soap and detergent manufacturer in Jharkhand. We have spread our hands of cleanliness to West Bengal, and parts of Orissa. For few decades, we are in the homes of many and have been serving them without fail. The year was 1949, a great man named Late Shibu Ranjan Khan, introduced Bottle Brand Bati Soap, and his noble intention was to help the villagers of Chakulia enhance their financial stability. Towards the beginning, he made soaps on his own but later on, he thought of making cost-effective soaps more in number and helping the poor villagers earn their livelihood by providing them a source of income. Thus, many villagers came forward and started manufacturing Bottle and Bati Soap. Mr. Khan started stimulating them to make soaps and kept on injecting certain skills into them. Thus, he got success in manufacturing cost-effective and pocket-friendly soaps with the help of trained laborers, which gave a good start to this enterprise.

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We are one of the most reputed detergent manufacturing units that have been serving the mankind since 1949. All our products are made keeping the best possible safety measures for our customers in mind. Our customers and workers are our main priority.

Detergent Powder in West Bengal
Detergent Powder in West Bengal
Dishwash bar manufacturers
Dishwash bar manufacturers

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